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The Reformation

Posted: December 4, 2012 in Uncategorized


On the first of December, at the Christmas craft fair on the island, I officially started eating gluten and sugar again. That means I made it fifty three days! So you could say that I am pretty proud of myself. It was definitely necessary though, getting back on gluten and sugar, because by the end I was having dreams about eating cake and burgers, I could actually taste the food in my dreams and at one point I think I started crying, whether they were tears of joy -for eating these delicious and coveted foods- or tears of guilt and sadness? It is lost on me. I know, it was weird… very weird. So as my stomach pushed my mind into light to medium insanity I was forced (ok forced myself rather) to make sugar and gluten filled foods for the enjoyment of others. I would watch them with my plain yogurt from my solitary corner as they would devour whatever it was that I had made. You ever see the Lord of The Rings? You know Golem Smeagol? Just imagine him in that corner, coveting the ‘ring’ or, in my case, gluten pumped foods.

So, you must think that I am happy, all insanity cured and able to eat what I have craved for weeks upon weeks. Well, I’m not. Why? Because exactly one day after my reformation I became sick. What does that mean, dear reader? It means that all sugar and gluten intake is to be slowed to a minimum… deep sigh.