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The Commercial Street Cafe

Posted: November 1, 2012 in reviews

Ok, so as you may know is that I was in Vancouver. What you don’t know is that while I was in the big city I was there doing first hand research on what it takes to open a small business. Now, I am proud to announce that the business I was researching is opening tomorrow, November the first! So let’s hear a big round of applause for the Commercial Street Cafe! Run by a power trio of my close friends: Nadine Rhnby, Pete Tuepah, and Chris Richmond the residents of Cedar Cottage could not be in better hands. These masterminds have just created Vancouver’s new coffee hotspot! You can find this godsend at 3599 Commercial Street (Vancouver B.C). I used to actually live in the apartments above it! Also, back in the day (were talking ling time here) it was a bank and the location of some of the first bank robberies to happen in Vancouver. Pretty cool stuff! So yeah, you get amazing coffee and a hunk of history in the same sitting! Take it from me, I can tell you first hand that these guys know what they are doing. With coffee connoisseur Margot Lynn making all your favourites, using beautifully roasted beans, delectable pastries and astounding atmosphere, you would be harming your mortal well being not to add the Commercial Street Cafe to your morning routine. Wake up 20 minutes for all I care! Because I know my stuff and this is it. So I if you want some good eats and great times the Commercial Street Cafe is the place to be. Once you’ve had a taste you’ll need to go back for more!



For the past week I have been stuck in Vancouver; which is ironic because Lasqueti is generally the place one would become stranded. I have been spending my time roaming the streets of Vancouver. The great thing about roaming is that you usually don’t have a particular goal. It is also a good time to find a quiet place and people watch or just think… about anything! When roaming, you have complete freedom of what you do, that’s what makes it so fun. Anyway, on one of my wanders through the city, I came across the Bel-Cafe (it just so happens that it is an attachment to Hawkswoth in the Hotel Georgia) and I had to stop in. It was well worth-it because I walked out with two absolutely delicious macaroons!

Macaroons in themselves are things of beauty, (not to get confused with the american clumps of coconut) a crispy but hollow cookie on the bottom, a layer of a flavoured filling and another cookie sandwiched on top. I got a passion fruit macaroon, it was very fruity and refreshing but a little over-sweet in my opinion. I also got a maple bacon macaroon, it was very good, the bacon was not overpowering and the sugar quantity balanced it quite beautifully. The only downside was that I could not detect any of the maple flavour but even so, I give both these amazing creations a 4.8/5! After eating these macaroons I was so excited that I decided I would soon try  it myself!   


Posted: March 27, 2012 in cooking, reviews

Me with the chef du cuisine of Hawksworth!

About a month ago it was my 13th birthday and I had the luxury to go to Hawksworth restaurant with my parents and a few of our close friends. It was a very memorable night filled with love, laughter and most importantly… amazing food! As an appetizer I had pan seared scallops (they literally melted in my mouth) sitting in a potato bacon foam and beside it were these very small cherry tomatoes (among other things) and when you bit into one they exploded with thousands of  amazing vibrant flavours. For my entrée my dad and I shared the 22oz dry aged rib eye. It was a thing of beauty. Each bite I took gave me a new and more exiting tasting experience than the last. It was served with a brown butter sauce and crispy bone marrow (wich surprisingly taste like potato chips) and the most delicious fingerling potatoes I have ever had. But the night wasnt over yet! I finished my fine dining experience with a citrus custard disk that had some citrus jelly and what appeared to be some toasted citrus marshmallows.

And that wasn’t all… my parents were able to get me a tour of the amazing kitchen where all my awesome food was created.

Now That’s a Sandwich!

Posted: March 13, 2012 in reviews

  Today I tried the ‘lemon-grass chicken’ sandwich at the Pho-Thai-Hoa restaurant on the corner of Kingsway and Commercial (across from Famous Foods). It was so good, now all the vegetables you see in the picture make it look like there isn’t any chicken but really the chicken is hiding inside the fold of the bread in vast quantities. This sandwich has a freshness and crunch from all the vegetables and the chicken is moist, tender and is packed with tones of delicious flavour that makes you want to just eat the whole thing without even chewing. To top it off it is served to you in a warm toasted bun. The only thing I would like to see would be some fresher vegetables (just to take it from a good thing to a great thing) but all-in-all I give this sandwich a 4.5/5!

Italian night out.

Posted: November 30, 2011 in cooking, reviews

Tonight I had the real Vancouver Italian experience. We started off by going to Anton’s Pasta Bar. At Anton’s the portion sizes are HUGE for example… if you order the lasagna you don’t just get a piece of the stuff you get the whole @##!$*&% tray! So pretty much I’ve got lunch for tomorrow. Anyways, I ordered the cannelloni and my parents had their massive dishes but I don’t remember what they’re called.

Another thing to know is that usually there will be a very very very long line. I’ve waited there for 2 hours! Although, tonight we bypassed that situation.

To finish my Italian experience we went to La Dolce Amore gelato (on Commercial Drive) which, for the record, is the best ice-cream in all of Vancouver. Tonight the flavours I chose were lemon crunch (top) and experimental santa clause (bottom) (both names made up by me cuz I can’t remember the real ones!) all in all it was a great night ending with a sweet tone.



Posted: November 29, 2011 in cooking, reviews

Today I had a subway sandwich, now I remember in my early child-hood, when going to subway was a treat but my experience left something to be desired. It was just boring, the flavour was bland and there was no “pop”! It was extremely one-dimensional and I was not impressed. Now it may have just been the certain restaurant but   in the future I plan to make my own sandwiches and I would suggest you do the same if you really want better quality.