The Glory of Food

Posted: August 22, 2013 in Uncategorized

Inspiration is the begging of art. Whether you are cooking, painting a picture or composing music inspiration is where it all begins. Of course inspiration varies from time to time, and sometimes you may get inspired without even trying and sometimes, no matter how hard you search you can never find it. Now, I’ve been thinking about how random inspiration can be. For example, just the other night I was staying up late watching episodes of tenacious D on youtube and I decide (because I hadn’t eaten dinner) to cook myself something. I ended up eating chicken, carrots eggs and tomatoes with a slice of burnt rye toast. It was the greatest thing I could have eaten at two thirty am, on a Wednesday morning. I was just sitting there wondering what led me to make that? How did I perfectly meet my needs without even trying? It is all in the inspiration.


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