My name is max and I have been sent on a mission to bring: great food, fun and creativity back to the kitchen and onto your plates. I live on a small remote island (population 300) with my parents (not in a weird way cuz I’m 12). We moved here when I was eight from Vancouver. Moving to the this completely off the grid place really sparked my passion for cooking; seeing all the fresh fruits and vegetables that the local farmers have grown, all the artists and bare nature that surrounds me- it is truly amazing and it’s what inspired me to cook (that and the food network). I love the way that being in the kitchen allows me to have a clear mind and unleashes my inner creative self that I then can share with others through the food I cook.

Now one thing I don’t understand is why some people dread going into the kitchen. Cooking should be a fun and exciting thing. It shouldnt be something you fear. Now I’m not saying cooking is easy because it’s not, it’s all about timing and percision and skill, but it dosen’t have to be scary! Bring the whole family in to help. And cooking isn’t always about following a recipe either. Always feel free to experiment!

What I am doing is giving you some recipes, and sharing my stories and experiences with you.

One last thing, I would like to thank my role models from the culinary world for helping me on my journey:

Bobby Fley, Gordon Ramsay and Jamie Oliver.

Bon Appetite

  1. Betsy says:

    Great job Max!

  2. katharine carol says:

    What about your Mama and Papa l think they had something to do with this?

  3. pisces78 says:

    YAAY MAX!!!!!!!

    Can’t wait to come back with a seat of honour at your table!

    Much love and good wishes to you 🙂

  4. pablo says:

    Great blog Max.
    Let’s not forget the enigmatic and effervescent Julia Child (a personal favourite)!

  5. sandra smirle says:

    mmmm max!
    great blog, i still have dreams about your tiramisu….
    bonne année!

    xo sandy and maud

    • Polar says:


      Don’t ever forget your humble beginnings at Haute Dogge! I look forward to sitting at YOUR Chef’s Table in the future!


  6. kyra says:

    Thats awesome max, 😀

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