It’s Smokin’ Time

Posted: April 2, 2013 in Uncategorized

I love having things to do, it’s just who I am; in short, I hate  being bored, that’s for sure. My current culinary project involves: a) an oil drum, b) miscellaneous parts from home depot and c) a bunch of meat. What am I  building? A smoker of course! Yes indeed, my plan for the time from now until the begging of summer is to build an ‘ugly drum smoker’ or ‘uds’ for short. I plan on using this handy little machine to cook allot of beef brisket and… allot of pulled pork cuz that’s just how I roll! Seriously though I am thoroughly stocked to have something that I can build with my friends and have a relatively cheep yet awesome tool to cook up some amazing barbeque! And, to top it off I only need a few parts left until I can start building so by the end of school (at most) I will be blazing that baby up every chance I get. I’m using the plans for the smoker I found here: just in case you feel so inclined as to take a look how it’s done. So, I’ll let you guys know once it is up and running. Until next time: Max.


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