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Well, I have been back for a full school day so I guess that means I am officially home, it is definitely fall, I can tell you that! I am really glad that I got to go to Vancouver. I got to do some awesome things like going to the Origins Parkour gym (you should check that stuff out!), so that was cool. But it is really good to be back home. It was time anyway, check out one of my last meals before I left:

What is it? Pretty much just meat with spices, gluten-free bread and I think there’s an egg somewhere in there. Yeah… I know. There is a lesson in all of this! The point is I can be a huge food snob, but when the time comes I can let all snobismz go. That’s the idea, you can have an issue (for example being a complete and utter food snob, as in like mean judgemental things) if you can let them go when the time comes! Oh, and for the sceptics out there, that meal tasted pretty darn good.

That’s pretty much all, being gluten and sugar-free is going well, but as I said when I begun, the moment one jug of eggnog reaches beyond the threshold of my door, it is over. On another not I would like to thank all my friends who took me in while I was in the city and the ones who said they would. Now in the words of one of my closest friends: goodbye for now Vancouver it was greatBANANA!!! Yeah, he’s kinda weird, but yeah, bye!



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As some of you might remember last month was my mom’s birthday. During that post I describe waking up at six and surprising my mother with croissants. You might be wondering: why haven’t I learned to make croissants yet? The answer is simple. During the hurry I realized that I forgot to take pictures of the process. So, I could just lay down a recipe on you guys, just like that. But I figure if I’m going to make something as elegantly majestic as croissants they deserve a detailed tutorial. Although, I am posed with a problem… I am not eating gluten at the moment! (the whole process is going quite well by the way.) So, what do I plan on doing to deliver a beautiful tutorial on making the enchanting croissant? I will make them sometime around Christmas. That way I will be able to make them and there will be no school and therefore no six o’clock wake up. Bing, Bang, Boom- piece of cake (not literally of course). So there you have it, scratch it into your calendars whatever, and I can guarantee I will not flake out on you guys! Get it? Flake… (wow, this is just not one of my funny sessions…) anyway, bye!

It is time for me to tell a tale; a tale of evolution, my lack of photos is somewhat embarrassing but it is a story none the less. There I was, decoding one of the many caption comics in the New-Yorker; searching for hidden profanities and whatnot when out of the blue the phone rang. Normally I would leave such a task until the very last minute – to give myself more time with the New-Yorker no doubt – but something different happened; suddenly a jolt of energy rushed through me and thrusting my hand upon the phone. It turns out that it was a fellow Lasquetian on the other end of the line, commissioning me to make her birthday dessert. I was ecstatic. I quickly flipped the magazine closed and rushed to the kitchen, and that is where our story begins.

I spent the rest of the night rustling through all the recipe books I had, the only request being ‘chocolate’ so I was forced to rack my brain. Hundreds of ideas bursting in and out. I slept on it. When I woke up in the morning I was certain as to what I would do: an assortment of French macaron on a chocolate dish, one dish per person for twelve people. I had miss-calculated. After nearly a week and a half of trying to create this delicacy. Using a variety of recipes and techniques I realized that my attempt was in vain. It turns out that it is in fact extremely difficult to make a perfect macaron. There was little time, so I had to improvise until I decided to make a dark chocolate tart with an almond crust. That day I made a prototype of the tart. It was fantastic. The next day was the event, I had previously requested the day off school so I was golden.

Then, at roughly 2:30 PM. Somewhere between pulling the tart out, and placing it on our wood stove. Literally hours before the dinner the crust fell. Straight…to…the…ground. I had trouble coping with the shock. I had no idea what to do; all my work just gone. After taking my time to grieve and whatnot I got my act together. I pulled some of the leftover dough from the fridge and started rolling; there was just enough. I put it in straight into the oven, no doubt skipping a step and waited. I didn’t even mind to pick up what remained of my tart off the ground. I just sat there emotionless until the timer rang.

I carefully pulled it out of the oven and placed it in its spot. I quickly whipped together the ganache filling and put it into the fridge for chilling. Miraculously, by the end of the day I had a beautifully elegant tart to serve for dessert. And that’s evolution, the evolution of an idea from macaron to tart.

That’s my story. Kind of cool. I’m just glad I could pull it off.

Truth be Told

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I realize that I haven’t been adding photo’s for the past little while. And I apologise, and I want you to know that I will add them for the posts that should have them. So yeah, hear my apology because I know how lame it is to go onto a blog and to just find words. Also, I mentioned in the beginning of September that I made croissants. I did, but I than realized that for all my work and effort I forgot to take pictures, then I started being gluten free. So you can expect a detailed tutorial about that around Christmas time.

Just for a heads up I am in Vancouver for the next two weeks or so. I know that isn’t too exiting but it is what I am doing now. I discovered a gluten, sugar, dairy free ice-cream called Luna and Larry’s coconut bliss. I personally am only interested in the lack of gluten and sugar but it’s good stuff, you should try it sometime.

That’s all for now, tomorrow I will post the follow-up to: secret endeavours. The no sugar no gluten thing has been made allot easier with the ice-cream I found, so all is well. See ya’ll around.

Last weekend was thanksgiving. I’m gonna stop myself there. Before I start going on about the food, (because yes… this is a food blog) I’m just going to say that I love thanksgiving. Yes the food aspect is one of the reasons for that but I find it so great to have an excuse to be with all the people that you like. So I could say that I am thankful for all the people I know that make my life super enjoyable, thanks you guys!

Anyway, the way I see it, you get this meal about twice a year: thanksgiving and Christmas. So I am sure to make it last. Yes family and friends are important (don’t get me wrong, I love these people), but that is only the case as long as no one gets between me, my turkey and a full plate. So pretty much, I fell that turkey dinners happen way less than they should.

The food at thanksgiving is always amazing, and I love it all, yes… even the brussel sprouts, I honestly don’t know why so many people hate them. My favourite dish on thanksgiving is the stuffing, I could eat plate upon plate of the stuff without stopping; it is just to darn good. Then of course we get to dessert, the finest of meals. Mine consisted of a very large scoop a vanilla ice-cream (did I mention I love ice-cream) and a sampling of the three pies: a pumpkin pie made by our good friend, a chocolate tart made by me (there will be more on that later) and a apple pie made by the black rook bake-house in Vancouver, they rock! (seriously, Google them or something). All in all, it was a successful thanksgiving, I went home with a full stomach, fresh memories and ready for a long rest.

I re-started being non gluten non sugar today, and I realized that it totally sucks, but I will live through it! Even if it kills me. Bye!

Fall Faire

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I’m just warning you, there aren’t any pictures now, but there will be soon.

Last weekend was the annual fall fair on the island. Everyone has a job. For example, there are the ones that make everything happen, the vendors, the game organizers, the cooks… the list goes on. I find the fall fair quite interesting; it is always so fun to see a gathering of the community members. Anyway, one of my favourite thing is the annual hog roast. And yes, that is exactly what it sounds like. A couple of islanders get a pig and cook it inside of a home-made wood oven for hours until it is cooked. I know what your thinking ‘cool beans man, cool beans’. No but really, it is quite the sceptical. Ironically the best part happens before the pig is done roasting; the  crackling ( I wonder if that’s how you spell that?). Crackling is the skin of the pig which is scored while the pig is being butchered. At a certain point of cooking, the stuff will just pull off. What does it taste like? Imagine perfectly crispy bacon mixed with popcorn and a potato chip, all those crunches combined and multiplied by about ten. So you’ve got a firecracker of bacony crunch all you need is a sprinkling of sea salt (or not) and to eat! Ya, das good.

There are other things at the fall fair too, a wood splitting contest, a wine tasting consisting of local wines and so forth, I just like the pig the best. Call me shallow if you want but that’s just how I roll. I will let you know that during the event I allowed myself to eat some gluten as an experiment; to see if I could see the difference. I did. I could literally feel my stomach getting coated in the stuff. It was kind of crazy. So I will be not eating gluten from now to Christmas with thanksgiving as the only exception. What can I say… I love my pumpkin pie