Posted: October 23, 2012 in Uncategorized

Well, I have been back for a full school day so I guess that means I am officially home, it is definitely fall, I can tell you that! I am really glad that I got to go to Vancouver. I got to do some awesome things like going to the Origins Parkour gym (you should check that stuff out!), so that was cool. But it is really good to be back home. It was time anyway, check out one of my last meals before I left:

What is it? Pretty much just meat with spices, gluten-free bread and I think there’s an egg somewhere in there. Yeah… I know. There is a lesson in all of this! The point is I can be a huge food snob, but when the time comes I can let all snobismz go. That’s the idea, you can have an issue (for example being a complete and utter food snob, as in like mean judgemental things) if you can let them go when the time comes! Oh, and for the sceptics out there, that meal tasted pretty darn good.

That’s pretty much all, being gluten and sugar-free is going well, but as I said when I begun, the moment one jug of eggnog reaches beyond the threshold of my door, it is over. On another not I would like to thank all my friends who took me in while I was in the city and the ones who said they would. Now in the words of one of my closest friends: goodbye for now Vancouver it was greatBANANA!!! Yeah, he’s kinda weird, but yeah, bye!


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